By ClairOverThere


Picking the redcurrants then a few raspberries and strawberries before making a "fruit salad crumble" (fruit salad with broken biscuits on top!) for this evening's dessert.

A bright sunny day, lots of pottering in the garden - finished what I wanted to do in the front garden since we pulled up the hedge, cleared the weeds from a few veggie patches, some general clearing up. 
I don't know if it's nearing [Ed. nearing? aren't you already there?!) middle age that means I enjoy gardening so much these days, or just the fact that it's so nice to be away from a computer or any screen as you dig, weed and take in the fresh air. I'm sticking to the latter excuse anyway ;-)

A rack of pork ribs on the barbecue this evening, then Tess's fruit pudding! 
A good day

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