LD 90 Father's Day

I have very few pictures of my father - he didn't like having his picture taken and always sidled out of any shot  - and even fewer of the two of us together.   This is from the year that Cathleen and I lived in Foyers, and I suspect is around July 1983 , some months before we moved south though it could be September of the year before. 

It was taken at a hotel which used to be somewhere about Inverfaragaig - I cant remember exactly where it was - and unusually it was warm enough to have a drink in the garden.   I do know that  I was on the way back from the office the Celtic Film Festival had in Inverness , which explains the suit trousers and shirt.   I even recall the suit - a rather nice modern tweed, but long gone and wouldn't fit me now !

Anyway it is a father's day memory of my father who died in 1994 -  and thanks to Cailean for my father's day present today. 

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