By Picturemull

Memory Lane

I took this photo in the late 1980s - I'd have been about 30. I've spent an hour or so today photographing old photos for J to pass on to the people who have started an Abbey Park Festival Archive fb page.  Many of the photos on this are J's.  We both, along with H, took photographs at the festival that year for Leicester City Council.  J has spent weeks scanning in her  negatives for the project as she covered most of the years of the festival.  I didn't have any negatives so had to make do with the photos of photos.  It's interesting how I currently photograph events in such a similar way and what catches my attention hasn't changed that much.  I don't remember taking any other photos of festivals or performance back then, I wish I had done more.  This has brought back a lot of memories, including working with a film camera and doing my own processing and printing. Afraid I don't know who anyone is but if I find out I'll add their names.  Included some extras.

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