wild & precious life

By IrwellRiver

Double rainbow

Father's Day 2020

Full day today as we drove down to Manchester and back to visit my mum & dad for the first time since before lockdown. Thankfully the weather was ok enough for us to sit outside and eat our sandwiches together. Poor dad with his dementia really struggled with the concept of keeping a distance and with what was going on generally :(
We stayed a little while and then headed back. It was a pleasant drive there and back for the three of us in our daughter's Panda (my car needs to go into the garage).
As we approached home, we turned off the A1 for central Newcastle and the coast road and made our way to Whitley Bay. There we met up with our eldest daughter & Dan for fish & chips on the seafront. Andrew got a bottle of whisky, a bottle of Black Sheep Ale (Riggwelter) and a Toblerone for Father's Day, all of which he is delighted with.

My blip show the double rainbow that appeared whilst we were eating our fish and chips and the extras show the crazy people in the sea at 7pm in the evening, a vintage sign and Spanish City (still closed), where I was just before lockdown and where I am again, 3 months later, as the situation begins to ease !

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