Day 90 – Calton Hill

It was quite nice this morning but showery after lunch, so I waited until late afternoon before going out for a walk around the town. It’s still largely empty but there signs of things changing; you can get coffee and ice cream at takeaways and some shops are doing changes for the re-opening in another few days. It was a bit damp for a while but had stopped raining when I went up Calton Hill. Usually you have to be patient to get phots but today it was easy. The blip is 2 shots stitched together to get more of the background. I came back through Princes Street Gardens and they are now open until 21:15, a big change from 17:15 that had remained since lockdown until late last week.The extra is the welcome return of the mural at St John’s; I’ve missed its presence in the last 13 weeks and its spot on political observations.

Best large.

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