By Shutterup

A radish in the hand

... this radish is HUGE!!  I chose to grow white radish this year and wow are they getting enormous!!  This one was delicious, crunchy and peppery... and many more to come!! I read somewhere that these can be pickled so if l get too many  l will definitely give that a go.  I am loving growing our veg this year.. l had forgotten what fun it can be .. tonight we ate lots of delicious salad from the garden and  l found our first proper peas whose pods are already over and inch long... can't wait for them to be ready!
The wind has been spectacular today and l had a happy time in the garden repotting my successful penstemon cuttings.. l appear to have made 14 new plants.. what joy that has brought me.  I can really recommend growing things.. it is just so rewarding! I took some cuttings off the weigela today so l hope they work too. 

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