All you need is love

By pascolicious


Kevin's feet while playing video games.

We went and saw "Marley and Me" with my parents today. It was playing at the cheapie theater plus it's Tuesday meaning the movie only cost $1. I walked up to the box office window to pay for my movie and the woman nosily looked into my purse and told me I couldn't bring my bottle into the theater.
Me: "It's only water."
Woman: "It doesn't matter what it is, you can't bring it in. You can leave it up here and pick it up after the movie."

Okay -- what am I? 6? Are you taking away my water bottle like a fucking teacher and saying I can have it at the end of the day? No thank you.

I scoffed, said "Whatever" and walked into the theater with my water.
a) I'm not buying food anyway and
b) I'm not paying $4 for a bottle of water if I get thirsty and
c) How dare you look in my purse. Keep your fat nose to yourself, lady.

I'm aware you can't bring outside food or beverage into the theater, however, I'm not paying for food or beverage, particularly water. I'm not saying I've never paid for food or beverage, but usually I have a water bottle with me. It's almost like a security blanket for me because I used to have awful stomach issues and needed a bottle of water at all times. Since that ended, I've still always carried a bottle of water.

The best part?

I had a huge bag of Sour Patch Kids in my coat pocket.
Suck it, lady.

Regardless, the movie was pretty good and brought me to tears. I gave both of my dogs hugs when I got home.

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