Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Home: Significant shoes

Its that evening. The evening before the explosion of the new week. I always think a weekend is make up of three parts. Friday: chilling out, breathing out, deflating, exhaling the week from before.

Saturday: Saturday is the weekend. Its the celebration of the informal clothes day. Its a relief to be in jogging pants, sloppy clothes. Its where your children swop clothes. Its a day where your daughter wears your clothes. Its a day where you get covered in baking ingredients, glue and paint from some craft activity.

Sunday: The clearing day. Its the preparation day. The planning day for the new week. The tidying day. A feeding everyone up day, just in case they miss a meal in the week. Its a have a walk, cycle, do something day, just incase the speed of the week doesn't allow for a de stress.

My children's school shoes are a good example of this. The shoes are thrown in the boot bucket on Friday. The shoes are forgotten on Saturday, replaced by muddy boots and trainers. Reluctantly dug out on Sunday for cleaning for the following week. The significant shoes recycled week on week on week.

The insignificant creating the significant x

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