It Started Down Under

By dirk


Today I think my IQ decreased by 20. I spent most of my day doing brainless work like packing all these boxes. 80 Boxes, 160 digital cameras, 160 battery chargers and a whole lot of bubble wrap.

I hated it. And i'm not even finished yet! I'm being treated as "the intern".. Doing the things nobody else wants to do. I stood up for my self today by sending my colleagues and boss an email with my opinion on my contribution to this design company. And I hope the next (and last) 4 weeks will be weeks filled with learning moments and designing rather than assembling.

I miss my faculty and the way we work. Pity they don't recognize my skills around here. Hopefully I'll be able to show them when I'll be presenting my project work to my colleagues somewhere next week. Tonight choir practice (where they will see my design for the beatles concert poster for the first time) and then to bed! But before that I'll finish work and expect a call from my beloved mother.

"Eind goed al goed."

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