Robin at large

By Robin


This shrub is already covered with yellow flowers, and there are masses of buds ready to burst into flower. It will be worth going back for another picture in a few days, especially if we get some sunshine. There was some today, but interspersed with long periods of cloud.

The car went in to the bodyshop today, probably for about three days unless some unseen damage is found when the body panel is removed. It is almost three months to the day when the incident occurred.

I am now driving a mobile advert courtesy car. It has a manual gear box. Usually the only time I drive a manual is when I hire a car in Italy. Once I had found a radio station to my taste it seemed to be OK, despite several rather jerky gear changes until I got used to it. Luckily no hill starts were required. Must remember to use the hand brake when I park the car.

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