David J. Rose

By djrose007

A couple of young birds

When I was younger 'Birds', when referring to women, was not derogatory in any way. I expect it is nowadays so the birds I'm referring to really are birds so I don't think they'll mind.
I think both the Magpie and Blackbird are juveniles. The Magpie was in the company of 9 others, yes NINE. I don't think I've seen as many as 10 at one time and I suspect a few of them were youngsters.
The Blackbird was on it's own soaking up the sunshine on top of the shed. It was doing a lot of preening, and quite voraciously so maybe it was being bothered by parasites. Just thought, better check the bird bath every day as it's going to get hot, hot, hot, this week or Scorchio as the weather girl on 'The Fast Show' would say.

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