Point de Vue

By Alsacienne

New Murals

The mayor of Washington DC has authorized 51 new murals to be painted across all wards of the city within the space of four days. This isn't widely known as it's meant as a 'surprise' so you can't really find info (until end of week when the project is done) about where these murals are.

I found out by chance and went to check out one location to catch some artists doing their thing. I found one and he was just about done -- just affixing his signature to his artwork.  This was his 4th piece in two days (each of the others in the extra are from different artists) and he has two more to go before Thursday. He's happy for the opportunity but he's mentioned that the rush to complete the project has resulted in a bit of stress, and some awkward situations (such as some neighbors calling the cops on some artists who started working at nite on their projects!).

Anyhow I can't wait to tour all 51 of the new additions :)

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