The new normal

Today, in particularly warm sunshine, (very welcome in view of the recent heavy rain), Celeste and I went to Ortaköy for small shopping errands.  This is the first time I've been to this normally bustling community centre since covid-19 lockdown (and only the second time I've left campus in three months).  Walking at the water's edge, we notice how crystal clear the Bosphorus is now.  Yes, there were people out and about, (mostly masked, like us, and now required by law when in public) and yes , shops and cafes were open, but it felt very different - no hustle or bustle.  We had lunch at House Cafe, where a couple and a family were the only other customers. Precautions, including our temperatures, were taken.  It was so nice to eat a meal (goats cheese salad) that I didn't prepare...

This evening, starting at 18.30, was the large social gathering of faculty via zoom that would normally have been a splendid three course dinner on Konak terrace, to eat, drink and make merry but also to say goodbye to those of us who are leaving, and congratulate long service colleagues - several folk who've been here more than twenty years (including me !).   The last time, almost, that I'll see the faces of so many colleagues in this year's version of the annual never ending ending of the academic year.   

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