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Some ..............

 .............. daisies -  in (what I laughingly call) the lawn - I cut the front, side and back grass late yesterday afternoon (13,500 steps) but left an area of about 2 square feet uncut especially for today's TinyTuesday photo - these are now "no longer".   
Stupidly, the patch I left was about as far from the shed as it could be which meant I had to drag the mower right across the garden for a three minute mow!  Duh.
The purple splodges you can see are, I think, Self-heal (Prunella vulgaris) ...... somehow it has invaded the lawn area but there is none in the borders!  Weird.

Thank you for all your comments and stars for my thumbnail "ship in the mist" yesterday  ....... like to keep you guessing - lol.

Smile for the Day:

Two hydrogen atoms were talking .......

One says " I think I've lost a electron "

The other asks  " Are you sure "

The first replies  " Yes, I'm positive!! "

Boom boom!


~ Anni ~

I think my physics are near enough correct - lol.

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