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So she's now hitting the grand old age of 14.  I remember last year having a chat with her around what she wanted to do for her birthday and she was getting terribly upset because she couldn't envisage a concept of it being not just any other ordinary day.  We eventually worked out a wee Harry Potter escape room day with her friends which was very memorable.  This year however, trying to make it a special day was all the more tougher with the current lockdown circumstances.  We did however manage to pull out a few tricks and thankfully she seems very happy with everything thus far.  We've had pressies in the morning, I've rallied round the family to get loads of posted birthday cards.  We had a secret Zoom call which happened just after this.  Everyone was gathered on a different TV channel and we just switched it for a Happy Birthday sing with the extended family.

We've then got a secret birthday party organised by her friend down the street which as far as we know, she has no idea about.

I was just thinking when I was watching her earlier that she has done so well and I'm so proud of her on the journey she's come on through growing up.  She used to get quite anxious about talking to people, meeting new people but that has all but been left behind.

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