Free as a bird, not so quiet as one

With the promise of a hot day and the luxury of a Tesco delivery today rather than an early visit to the store we decided to still get up at the same time and get out.

I was out running at 6.30am and Susan was not that far behind on her walk. I have to say it was a delight, apart from the effort required to get to the top of the North Downs. Susan reported the pleasure of dangling her feet in the cooling waters of the River Len from a footbridge.

After breakfast I went to the allotment with The Beast, that strimmer which I’ve had for three years and is now in working order. It started fine and made short work of the undergrowth around the shed. I had trouble with the strimmer cord as, try as I might, I couldn’t get more cord to be released.

By my it’s noisy and heavy and vibrates. I don’t like it and I think it’s OTT for what I want. Maybe I’ll sell it and get something a little more refined and quieter. A gentle buzz rather than a throaty roar that sounds rather aggressive. I’m surprised you didn’t hear it where you are.

Dug the first couple of roots of potatoes. They’re small but lots of them. Golf ball sized. This is the early variety that was nipped by frost despite being covered. The main crop are still growing vigorously and are twice the height of the earliest. (Edit: they tasted good though)

As I was up at the top of the Downs the sound of a motor starting alerted me to something going on and sure enough, seconds later this guy swung overhead. I’m not sure if it counts for today’s Tiny Tuesday’s theme: Metal. I’m sure there must be some in there. Thanks for hosting trisharooni.

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