Jukka's Log

By jukkakos

Ready for audience

Tonight was opened a large group art exhibition in Galleria Pihatto. Many kinds of artworks on the wall, on the floor, on window shells, hanging from the roof, some of works are outdoors in the park next of gallery and my artwork is a video made of my birch photos flavoured with nature sounds and it looks good on big screen presented by high quality laser projectors. In the extra section overview of the opening. Light beams were caused by a fingerprint on the inner lense, but those gave basically nice effect, hence I didn't deleted those images.

Due that corona rejections has been cancelled here in Finland on some level, there was nice amount of people joining to opening event. There was also live music provided and participants could bring their picnic bags and enjoy their time in the park on warm summer evening. Very nice and good spirit evening I must say.

You can see the video here. It might take a while to load as it's HD quality.

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