Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Making an appierance

The sun had set, the last train to Ulverston had departed, and a little egret strode into view through the shallows of the reflecting estuary as I took this photograph from the end of the pier.  It was a tranquil end to the day as the temperature rises again for a few more hot days.  Arnside's coastal frontage remains quiet in the evenings while the pubs are shut.  

We had planned to be away in BW again from today, but we decided to stay home.  It will be too hot for Gus in the back of the car, the new car battery has not arrived on the promised date, and there are things to sort out that are more easily done here.  Most of my time and energy at the moment is going on the garden and allotment, Gus's three walks and the ongoing learning project.  Alas, I am not finding time and energy for blipping, so my presence here will probably be more occasional than frequent, at least until the nights being to lengthen significantly again.

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