David J. Rose

By djrose007

I think he likes it

I had to go out today to pick something up for Ruby, Peppa Pig wellingtons, and as it was such a lovely day Marlane suggested I take Hendrix while she looked after Buddy.
I got the child seat out and fitted it into the MX-5. Although it is 13 years old the passenger seat does have ISOFIX fittings so it was quite easy, once I'd figured out I needed to shorten the front 'leg' because the MX-5 seats are much lower than a normal car.
He just loved it, he looked a bit strange at first - No roof on a car, what's going on! He soon got used to it and spent the whole journey, about 10 miles in all, looking around and smiling.

Yesterday I had picked up the MX-5 from the garage where it has been for a few days because the electric roof wasn't working. The electrical mechanic at 123 Car & Commercial (Gloucester) figured out that it was the motor that drives the passenger window and roof. The window wasn't lowering when I operated the roof, it should drop about 2 or 3 inches when you put the roof up or down so the rubber does not catch.
The 'extra' photograph shows what the roof is like as it is folding away, and it doesn't take an inch of boot space, unlike the Peugeot CC and BMW Z4.

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