A grand day out

As we should have been in Scotland this week we had planned to spend Wednesday and Thursday together.

We’d planned a walk for today on the top of a hill. We hadn’t planned the weather though. It was incredibly hot. There was a slight problem as although there was a nice breeze for us it was far to hot for the boys. We only did a short walk before sitting in the shade while we ate lunch and then we walked back to the car. The hog weed was blipped then.

The extras are the single poppy in the field and the grass hopper that hopped in front of us.

We then dropped the boys off to the cool house before we went into town.

We walked around Winnall Moors, a nature reserve. The peace was spoilt by the children enjoying the sunshine in the nearby play area.

We then walked by the river and sat in the shade.

It was then dinner in the garden. It’s been a lovely day.

I’ve started another sourdough starter as per a new cookery book. we’ll see if that is more successful.

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