By Beckett

CRAIG .....

.... and his tremendous team.

As mentioned before our area has change drastically since we moved out here. The developer Redbank have been hard at it, and sometime back decided the 80 odd acres of Park and walking tracks, and the Redbank Creek needed special care. There is plenty of Indigenous heritage and history in the area. Craig was employed to set up a team to maintain, improve and develop the area. 

Today was the ongoing progression, a meeting to setup a Bush Care Group so that with increasing residences, we can all join with Craig and his team to keep an eye out and help to maintain the wonderful grounds.

The pic shows the "team" and behind the dam I blipped some 12 months back here. The growing trees there behind them are now around three year old and were painted as saplings, so growing well with the "care".

Enjoy and have a look in LARGE and if you want some more info have a look here, and some "History" here.

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