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By HarlingDarling


Well maybe getting there! I found this "vase" in the usual place, the second hand shop. It was mere pennies and I knew what it was at once. It has a small circular hole in the top, off to one side. In the hole are some wicked looking spikes that are glues to the bottom of the container. You fill it with water and "spike" your blooms to make a Japanese style arrangement.

These Iris are magnificent, but the hot weather is probably going to rush them into decay and death before I have time to turn around. I don't like picking flowers to be honest, and I usually only bring a few indoors, just small arrangements. This container is fun because everything you spike into it seems to look stylish. You can still buy them, made in America by a potter and costing many dollars. (I love this sort of bargain! Like a little blessing. Talking of which, I read about the scratch miner in Tanzania who found two massive crystals in his little mine - they have made him a millionaire, and he plans to build and run a school.)

The blip was tricky to organise. I had to find a relatively un-busy bit of background. That is a challenge in our home. Anyhow, this is on the ledge of the tile stove in the room upstairs where we do yoga. The whole of the upstairs is kept a lot calmer than downstairs, we thought it would be good for us to have a quieter environment, especially in the place we sleep. The rowans are one of my early ink paintings, mounted on silk in China. I love rowans, they are such a lot of fun to paint!

30 degrees in the morning as our day began, I had a meeting from 10 till 11, the dentist at 2.30 and another meeting outside in the park from 6 till 8. I got to write the minutes for that one, and now they are done the day seems to be over! I did some shopping in the middle there, and that was not a pleasant experience at all. People are not careful in the same way that I am, and I hold my breath a lot. I have to shop for fresh food, but otherwise I'm avoiding shops. Why anyone would queue up to go to Primark and buy clothes is a mystery to me. And the beaches in the south of England were all a bit mad.

Gustav, my patient dentist, agreed that my new (expensive) teeth were indeed not touching. So he polished away bits and pieces of my older crowns and faffed about with the bite. They now meet but I'm still favouring the old side and they feel weird to eat with, it will take my brain a few weeks to catch up I guess. They work very well when drinking a glass of red of a nice cold beer though! I've been told to return if they don't feel right after a while, which I know to do. I have been here before, more than once.

I didn't loll about a single minute of today, got practically nothing done and it's now over - and I'm feeling tired. I am amazed anyone ever gets anything done in hot countries - I am so lethargic in the heat - even this nice dry sort that we have at the moment. And no swimming either, far too "busy" apparently. 

Thought for today: You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. Today my soul has a very hot and overwhelmed body!!

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