By dogwithnobrain

Summer's Here and we're Gonna have fun

What a heavenly day. 

I woke late; rose and drank coffee outside.   It was already warm.

Si had to work this afternoon - he had a pre-arranged meeting. so just before lunch he "went back" to work - up the stairs. 

Tooli and I lay and sweated in the sun for a while and then we took a trip to Kilmarnock to grab a sunshade for the garden... .(the neighbour came over with  her parasol in case I wanted it. . She had spotted me laying under the golfing umbrella with the cat.). 

We came home - had dinner under the new parasol,  Perfect. 

Then we took a visit to the allotments to let Si fill the water tanks, and we listened to probably 50 youths, all not-socially-distancing in the walled gardens of the woods. 

We stopped off at the beach on the way home.  Tooli had wondered about a swim - bearing in mind it was ten past eight; there was a queue for the coffee kiosk - there were still families laying on the beach - we headed for a quiet-ish spot and in she went. 

I wandered in up to my knees - but my skirt tucked in my knickers wasn't a look Tooli appreciated.   So i paddled back out again. 

Now we are home, and it's lovely and warm, the doors are open, and all is good in the world.

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