By USAHIhifriends

RedTailed Tropic Bird

Off the Fishing Monument.  Its red tail is hidden by its wing here.   A few Great Frigate Birds (iwa) were also up riding the winds.

Today's newspaper headline  -  RESTARTING TOURISM
Beginning Aug 1, the state will implement a pre-travel testing program that will allow arriving passengers to bypass a 14-day quarantine.  Details about the new testing program are still pending.  The out-of-state quarantine runs thru July 31 and is expected to be extended.   Inter-island passenger quarantine was lifted on June 16.
The state health director says Hawaii has the health care capacity and personal protective equipment to handle new cases.

And, a headline inside  -  Virus surges in US across South, West
to dire new levels (a one day total of 34,700 new confirmed COVID-19 cases). 

Stay well, stay healthy, and take care, everyone.

Remember, this Saturday  (SilS195)  is in honor of Admirer.    Details are here.

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