The Collector

By Collector

One Street - A doorway to an old world

Today I'm back to the 'One Street' project and aim to blip a few every week this year.
I'm at 19 High Street looking at a massive solid oak stud-panelled wooden front door which is always ajar. Mysterious, neglected, unloved, there is an inner hall with a further door inside.
Sadly empty for some years, it's a historic Grade II listed Georgian house with 3 stories and a lookout tower, and once would have been of some importance in the town.
Walking by one dark evening I looked up and saw weak ghostly light in the upstairs drawing room and could make out a large ornate silvery glass mirror over the fireplace...reflections of the candlebra... I thought I could just hear some lively violin music, and catch a glimpse of people dancing; I could have been mistaken, but....
I hope someone will buy it, and restore it's proper place in the town. TLC needed.

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