By Missycat

Day 95 Multiple Exposure

The theme for this week's AT, set by our host Ingeborg is multiple exposure.  Ideally one would do this with the camera and mine does take up to three shots.  I did have a few goes but wasn't that happy with the result as I don't think I've quite mastered the technique.  Instead I used Picasa to blend some of the images taken today: a couple of shots of the sky featuring a lone seagull and a plane (rather more of the latter appearing now) layered with some more bubble shots which required an assistant to blow the bubbles.  I might have done more but it was so exhaustingly hot that I just didn't have the energy.  Even when in the garden, I stuck to staying firmly in the shade.
In other news, not very much.  There is no daily briefing and we don't clap on Thursdays anymore.  The news has been full of the stir crazy individuals who decided that descending upon the beaches of Bournemouth and other beauty spots was the best thing to do on a hot day.  Unfortunately thousands of others had the same idea, so a major incident  was declared.  The dumping of rubbish, here and certainly in our local area is unprecedented and becoming a huge problem and surely almost  as much of a risk to health as the virus itself.

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