By Shutterup

Sun sun sun...

and more sun... how wonderful!  Thankfully cooler and with a breeze today which has helped hugely.. still 26C so it's still summer!!  Thought I would have a play and paint a huge sunflower while standing under a shade sail in the garden.  I had a happy time and thought l would share it for FlowerFriday... bit different but hope it is acceptable!!
Thank you BikerBear for hosting..
Off out for a socially distant drink with dear friends.. with no pubs or places to meet we are going to a random village that has a big green and hope that half a million others don't get the same idea!!
How times have changed.. the friends we are meeting have a son who goes out with his can of beer on a Friday night and meets up with friends who all bring their own.. in the past a group of yoof drinking cans of beer in the street might have been thought of as a problem... seemingly it is how we now live!!
Catchya later!

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