One life to live

By otornblom

Still Still Life

I had a day off today. Me and hubby visited Sara Hildén Art Museum's exhibition Still Still Life: an overview of the still life and its essence. The exhibition presents an overview of the interpretations and forms that the still life has received in modern and contemporary art. Oh, how happy I was there! It is so wonderful to be able to see art exhibitions again. I loved the collection and we were almost alone in cool, air-conditioned space. <3

In the front is Hans-Christian Berg's work Still Life (1997) Glass, bathtub 220 x 200 x 120 cm. In the back there are Susanne Gottberg's paintings.

Peetu's late evening swim was carried out today from Kuikurasaari island. He is such a brisk swimmer nowadays!

+29,3°C, sunny

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