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By RedFlash

The year of the sandal

As I’m working from home I live in sandals. So it was a good excuse to buy another pair. They are made by Gumbies using recycled materials.

Murphy has had his hair cut. Not by his usual groomer as she can’t work at the moment. He doesn’t look like Murphy at the moment.

HtP was working today and I had things that I wanted to do. On the list of things to do this week were sand the outdoor table and revarnish it, spray paint the clematis pergola and repaint the garden chairs. As it was dry today they all had to be done today. I’ve painted the chair in the photo. It’s a slightly darker green.

A friend at work expressed an interest in cacti so I ordered three for him. They arrived today. They look great - see the extra

HtP came round after work. After dinner we went to drop off a birthday card to a friend and some mill flour to another. While chatting we heard the peregrine falcons from the cathedral. This year there have been five babies. We stopped off on the way home to watch them.

It’s meant to be raining tomorrow so I might have to clean the house.

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