Day 6 Complete Washout!

The weather today has been hot and humid.  Towards the end of the afternoon, severe thunderstorm warnings were flashing across the TV.  Since then till sunset, it stormed with no chance to get a photo of any sunset.  It was gray, wet, dark and noisy.  I did drive around a little bit, but there was nothing to see.  After returning my car to the garage, I got this evening sky  from across the street.
Heres hoping tomorrow is a better day with more color
         Thank you for all the stars, hearts and comments on Blipversary yesterday!   Thanks to all of you, the sunsets were on the popular page.    It just goes to prove how kind, generous and forgiving Blipper are!    You are the best!

Flash News Warning!!!!   Posted Accross TV screen:
"Unhealthy Air Quality  for Sensitive Groups"                 I think the dust  has arrived!!!!!!     Yippeeeeee!

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