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By ajt

Friday flower

Another day ended, at the end of a very odd work week. On Monday I hard work to do but couldn't start it, so I booked today off so I could go and collect an official document from the Prefecture.

By the middle of the week I was drowning in work, I wasn't actually overloaded, but there was a lot going on, and each new thing was a higher priority thing than the last. The final one being a client who had a production problem and wanted it fixing in a rush. In the end the fix was easy enough, but we're still none the wiser what actually caused the problem - but an innocent mistake by a person or persons unknown at some point in the last three years is my suspicion...

Anyhow for flower Friday I present a flower... 

After dinner we took the dog for a walk and had a bit of excitement as someone's car was on fire and set the hedge and power pole alight. The Pompiers arrived and put the fire out. We didn't see the fire directly, but saw the smoke, heard the explosion (petrol tank?) and then the emergencies services after it was all over

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