Robin at large

By Robin

Edinburgh Airport

An imaginary view of Edinburgh Airport over time:-

1850 - The evening service for Stavanger is just leaving. Or it could be the service for London or New York, it just depends which way the wind is blowing. It is better not to have a fixed destination in mind.

2050 - The morning Space Shuttle has just taken off for. Well who knows where, maybe the moon, or Mars, even Jupiter. But it shows that Scotland's desire to have a space port has been realised.

Images were realised using the new Adobe Photoshop Camera App. In this case replacing the sky with imaginary scenes.

Definitely silly images and submitted to the Silly Saturday challenge  in honour of Admirer who has hosted Silly Saturday. I much appreciated her comments on my previous silly submissions. I have followed Admirer on Blip from a very short time after I first joined Blip and enjoyed her photography, both "silly" and otherwise. She will be missed.

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