Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Back to the screen

the photo is bad
shot with iphone in low light
but oh! the feeling

It was great to be able to go back to the cinema on Friday night. I went to see L'Etat sauvage ("The Wild State"), a French western film (yes, you read this right) telling the story of a French family in Saint Charles, Missouri who flee the Northern troops in 1861 and try to go back to France. They are led across the land by a guide, who has the misfortune of being tracked down by his former girlfriend and her band of ruffians... As the family consists of the father, his wife, their three daughters and their Haitian servant girl (not a slave), the whole film tends to give the women's point of view much more than in any other film of this genre, which is very interesting. The youngest daughter, Esther, is the real heroine, and the fact that the villain is also female adds to the touch. I rather enjoyed the film, although it had been dubbed "puffed up" by a lot of the press here when it came out before lockdown started... The musical score is beautiful, too.

As you can probably not see on this bad photo, every other row was blocked and we had to leave at least one seat free between us (of course, people who came together could sit right next to each other). That wasn't really a problem, as there were only about ten of us. We were only allowed to take our masks off once we were seated, of course.

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