POG's Journal


Does exactly what it says on the cover…

Hello Everyone,

Not much going on in the POG household… an extreme amount of idleness complemented with lack of sleep due to the warm weather… 

Coaching starts again next week, which will be nice, albeit a little scary having to make myself venture into the wide world again. Numbers will be limited to 2 coaches and 6 riders per session, with 3 sessions. As a lot of them are youngsters there will also be some parents milling around.

As my mate is head coach, he is sorting everything out and I just have to pitch up and take direction from him. We work well together as he has great people skills and loves interacting with them all and I’m the quiet one (Can’t be doing with all that talking fuss & bother) who observes a lots and can normally notice what tweaks riders need to make to improve.

The photo:
This is a new Zeus book I’ve just purchased… Quite annoyed I can’t find my original one from the 80’s. Sods law it will turn up now I’ve got another. It does exactly what it says on the cover.

Stay happy, strong, and healthy… more tomorrow.


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