By wellsforzoe

Germination Test

22nd June 2020:

For the past few years we have been enabling the poorest rural people to grow trees, in a country which is rapidly loosing its forests, for firewood, charcoal making and the tobacco industry and where huge State Forests are being sold off as well. 
All in a country where there is no culture of growing trees.
We work with the rural traditional authorities and villages and encourage them to plant trees by giving them seeds, potting tubes and training, while they provide their land and all the labour, and the trees belong to them.

We buy the seeds from many sources and here we are testing out some pine seeds on our Climate Smart farm in Lusangazi, to see what percentage of the seeds will actually germinate and grow.

This gives a good indication of how many seeds we  must give to a club to ensure they end up with their planned number of trees.

I like the writing, but don't know yet, who did it, Maybe Robert

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