The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Sutton Park Station

I can't be sure, but this is probably the first photograph I took. I saved up for a Kodak Brownie 127 when I was ten and bought one second-hand in Sutton Coldfield on this day. We lived near Sutton Park and were a family of train spotters (literally) so it follows I would have gone to try the camera out before returning home. The album entry says, "Sutton Park Bridge", which led me to think it was taken from the bridge in Sutton Park close to Blackroot Pool, but as the station must be on the Midland Railway's Sutton Park Line at Sutton Park station, which is not actually inside the Park, then the bridge in the distance must be Anchorage Road Bridge. Therefore the picture was taken from a station footbridge long since demolished but vaguely remembered.

The station opened in 1879, and closed to passengers in 1965. A Post Office Sorting Office now operates on the site.

The picture was taken on Verichrome film and developed at home in a round black tank. The print was almost certainly home made too, but I don't remember there being dark room facilities at home. It may have been taken to Matthew Boulton Technical College to make use of their facilities, as my father was a lecturer there. I do remember doing some printing, somewhere some time.

I am experimenting with methods of digitising my old slides and negatives, but this was scanned from a smallish print in a photo album, as the negative was rather damaged. I used a general purpose printer-scanner-copier, and the results are not that hot. So far, rephotographing has produced the best results, but there have been focusing and reflection problems.


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