By suehutton


Considerable relief now that the temperature is down by 12 degrees C. Basil and I went to Nanpantan Reservoir to check on the grebes. They're doing grebe things like swimming in the middle of the reservoir to keep out of danger as much as possible. Much to the disappointment of my camera club colleague Alan who had arrived hoping to get close-ups. We are of the opinion that the adult birds abandoned the nest, possibly leaving the two remaining eggs open to predation. Plenty of crows around and a buzzard flew over while we were chatting.

It rained slightly while Basil and I did two circuits. We need exercise after being stuck to the computer for three days.

I can see that there are two humbugs still. One either falls off or is pushed off by the other  and ends up swimming alongside Dad. He reminds me of an aircraft carrier. Mum is kept busy fishing and bringing tit bits to the young ones.

The water lilies are in bloom. They remind me of lotuses. And the meadowsweet smells fragrant, attracting plenty of bees.

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