By pipflash1

Local landscape

We did our 'usual' walk again this evening which is where we walk around parts of the village and then head on to Moss Lane and walk towards Bob's Pond and Ilmington Hill which is in the distance and is the highest point in Warwickshire.
Before reaching the pond we turn right and walk for a few hundred yards before getting to Middlefield Lane and then turn back towards the village.
It's interesting how over the last few months the hedgerows and plants have changed. We've seen cow parsley, elderflowers, daffodils, cowslips, buttercups, and bluebells, among others, come and go and at the moment there isn't an awful lot of colour to be seen.
However, it's always a worthwhile walk to do and is about  two and a half miles long and is quite flat. Tonight we walked against a blustery wind at first but once turning back towards the village the wind was coming from behind us I'm glad to say.
The photo was taken from Middlefield Lane looking across the fields towards Barton Farm in the distance. The farm is roughly half way between our village and Alderminster and is on an incline and has fine views across the surrounding countryside.

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