a Scots life

By Annakucat

Keep that Social Distance.....

When we shop at Balgove we’re always delighted to have a cappuccino in their newly extended outdoors cafe area, but we had noticed the last couple of times that there were several large groups congregating plus a few couples not bothering how close to us they got. Today this big notice has appeared, it’s a pity it is necessary. It was quieter this morning, the weather not being great... we did have our coffees, but sat in the car overlooking the field. We stopped in town & had a walk around the Scores & the Bruce Embankment area. The car park at the Bruce Embankment is full of containers, presumably something to do with the building work at the R&A. We noticed a couple of chunks of rock lying at the Martyr’s Monument, we couldn’t see where they’ve come from.

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