By ilkkavalkila

My front window view... 9:50 am. I had just started making the first load of silage and the forage wagon was on its way to fetch the fifth load the silage I'm selling. They could fit it all (8 hectares) in six loads, I got 5-6 loads per hectare, and the difference is not in the yield...

I started the day spraying what little I saw worth spraying on my Monday evening round. Got eleven and a half loads of silage in the pit after that despite a couple of repairs, which took about an hour each, and rinsed the sprayer in the evening. Called it a day 16 hours after starting in the morning and the breaks during the day were not long.

+31°C in the afternoon and almost no wind. Not that it would help me much in the tractor with poor ventilation, but it would be nice for the ones at the pit if the air moved there.

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