By dogwithnobrain

Sunny Days; where have you gone?

Well for once the weather forecast didn't disappoint. 

Howling wind, rain, rain, more rain, and some more wind. 

But at 1, we all wrapped up and toddled up to the allotment to check that nothing had fallen over and it hadn't.  It was all looking pretty fab. 

From top left... Tooli with her raspberry collection; Sweet corn, Brussels, Caulflower, Sunflower, Onion, Celery, fennel, and courgette, carrots and peas. 

There's also loads of potatoes, shallots, brocolli, pears, apples, cherries, more sweet corn on the other plot and more peas, and french beans and strawberries. 


We were all very wet after that and have since spent the afternoon watching the Divergent Series and drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee. 

To be honest. 

Work will be a release, if this rain keeps up.

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