By Hillyblips

Reliant Robin

So.....i came downstairs this morning bleary eyes and wanting a cuppa - how did i even pick up the camera - really only did it to put the battery back in. Heard the redwings chirruping away in the fields and started messing about with dof , buttons and knowing full well I couldn't....... oooo that looks good I could take a shot of that but hey - messing. To learn you've to mess. Never thought I would be coming back to those for my blip :))

So by 4:00 this afternoon I' had enough of 'bottoming out' (as my mum says )various rooms in the house (for those confused, read: spring cleaning!) so decided to go to Hawling.

The barn owl had been sighted and two short eared owls too yesterday at Hawling 25 mins away at dusk. There is the problem ...dusk!

Again, got to the field where I'd spotted him last time. Car onto the verge...... 2 others had done the same in front of me but after an hour and no show they left. It was spookily quiet and freezing cold as I'd both windows down so the noise wouldn't worry him if he appeared ....... I needed the shot. Darker and darker and I kept testing out the setting to see if an image would even register. However over the incline weaving in my direction (that was thro' the binoculars) he appeared.

No points here for guessing why I've blipped a robin :)) Don't ask me what is on his head - I've no idea but as it was shot through a double glazed window and as he had just been in a robin fight I'm giving him a break!

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