Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Replenishing ...

I thought that was a more positive title for today's blip than the ones that leapt unbidden into my mind - it refers to the rain that has fallen more or less constantly all day, varying only in intensity. It certainly has replenished the River Eachaig, which runs out of Loch Eck towards the Holy Loch and which is flowing through today's photo. 

I also replenished my store of hypochondria this morning when I took a look at where the dentist was working the other day and found it an alarming white colour ... the resulting Google-fest ended up making me late for church. Just as well it was on zoom - I don't know how we'll cope when we return to making ourselves physically present at the right time! I was too late to look before the service to see my blip friend Elspeth attending - there's something very fitting that someone I first met online should turn up in our online congregation.

Apart from that diversion, the day just ... passed. Despite having an aching jaw when I wasn't dopey with painkillers I didn't want to spend the whole day moping around feeling miserable, so we put on our waterproof trousers and tops and went off to walk along the far shore of Loch Eck. Joyously, we saw no fewer than 4 red squirrels in 2 different locations - they're so elegant and swift and fairly raise my spirits. There were wonderful smells of wet foliage and cut trees in the woods - a smell like no-where else. 

I've been entertained by people's responses to my question about dressing for zoom meetings. One friend on Facebook said she only put her earrings on for zoom meetings, and I suddenly realised I'd not put any in my ears since the beginning of March. I can't face any further trauma tonight, but it's clearly something I'm going to have to investigate ...

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