By kwchas

New Lens

EDITED - I've just noticed that the lens next to my camera is not my zoom lens as per the description. It is my 28-70 lens. 

When I bought my full frame Sony A7 in March I intended buying a compatible telephoto lens to go with it for maximum benefit. For the last few months I have been using the zoom lens from my old APS-C Sony 6000 which has been very good but uses the 3:2 format so didn't quite have optimum quality. 

I have now bought myself a second-hand 70-300 lens specifically designed for the full-frame camera and my initial impressions are that the quality of pictures is excellent. As you can see from the blip there is a considerable difference in size (and weight) compared with my previous zoom lens but I will not be using it on a day to day basis and I will continue to use the smaller and lighter one. I intend using the new lens for specific occasions and I look forward to taking it to Burton and Martin Mere.

On a completely different subject I notice that the Erdinger advert in which I was an SA in January has now been released. It was a brilliant couple of days and its release was meant to coincide with the Euros which obviously haven't taken place. There isn't a chance that anyone will spot me as I am a blur in the background for a micro-second in the pub but it featured man of the moment Jurgen Klopp who, as you would expect, was absolutely brilliant with everyone. I know another version was filmed where I might be slightly more visible so it will be interesting to see if that appears. 

On the same theme I also did some filming on The Other One last summer which is currently being shown on BBC1 every Friday. I am a waiter in the background in the episode being shown a week on Friday and having already seen it on the iPlayer I am pleased to say that I am quite visible especially at the beginning.

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