Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Mystery evening visitor!

Sunday 28th June 2020             (backblip)

A rather damp day ..... not what we want to see on a Sunday!

After a heavy shower early afternoon the sun peeped out & most of the black clouds disappeared ...... so we decided to risk it & go for a walk :-)

We went up to the end of the road & back ....... we didn't hang about as it was blowing a hoolie .... though not particularly cold.

Didn't see nearly as much as we usually do ...... but were treated to a great flying display by the Swallows which were whizzing all round us at a rate of knots ..... a fabulous sight :-)

We did see this intrepid Small White who posed long enough for a quick photo .... thankfully in a sheltered spot!

As we were heading home we were followed by an extremely large black cloud ........ the first raindrops landed just as we reached the front door! As we got in the house it started to pour down! Now that's what I call great timing! :-)

Later in the evening we were in the garden when Hubby spotted this moth ....... it was getting quite dark so had to use the flash to get this photo.

Hope somebody in Blipland can tell my what type of moth it is please!

Update: The moth is a Large Yellow Underwing.

Stay safe :-)

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