By chantler63

Whipsnade Visit

I spent most of today at Whipsnade Zoo - haven't been there for a very long time.  When the Zoo was begging for donations I invested in a year's pass - they get some of my money and I get to visit the zoo as often as I want during the year.  It wasn't hot there today though and very windy - this zoo is on top of a hill and usually chilly even on a hot day!  The animals weren't doing a lot and none of the indoor places were open, like the Butterfly House, but it was good to get out.  It's a huge site so plenty of space to roam and numbers are controlled too; perfectly safe as everyone was being sensible.

I am very fond of elephants and this one is still very young - only three years old; I love all the wrinkles and skin textures. An extra of one penguin and clearly a bad-hair day.  Not sure if it's moulting or a young one getting its full plumage. Comical creatures.

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