simple moments

By simplemoments



with a painted fence post

and a rare butterfly - well, i think it’s a rare butterfly - because i’ve never - seen one like it before - in fact, i almost thought - i was dreaming - and missed it as i walking by - if i could’ve - i would’ve kicked myself - outta my stupor - that’s just about how - bad it was, sheesh

i’d simply gone on - a little stroll to stretch - my legs a bit - not far since it’s been hot - and i haven’t been feeling well - but i thought some fresh air - might do me good - never did i think - i’d run across this beauty - perched on a random - fence post haphazardly stuck - in the ground - waiting for just such an occasion - it was a perfect perch - and said beauty posed - for me as i complimented it - in hushed tones for several minutes - it basking in my praise - both of us taking delight in - what could only be called...


happy day.....

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