janes world

By janeanne

All by myself...

don't wanna be...

Ozzy didn't come on our last couple of runs since he's had a bit of a limp when he first gets up, so I thought I should rest him for a few days.

Midge was fine the other day when we went without him. His pal Toby dog was there that day and a couple of other humans so I think that distracted the fact he wasn't there.

Today was a different story...just her and I.

Within the first half mile she must have stopped about 5-6 times, just stood still, (she never does that) looking behind her as if to say we've forgotten Ozzy!

Wee shame.

Once we got going she was fine.

Also it was sooooo quiet cos Ozzy normally barks when we're out running....alot!! especially when we first start out and then at any junction!

So it was eerily quiet!

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