By seizetheday

Spoilt for choice...

Fashion choices 2020! Not that I'm a follower of fashion, you understand - I've always been a jeans and T-shirt sort of woman. (At work too - I've been lucky enough to work for people who value what you do rather than what you wear. The 3 months spent temping as PA to the CEO of a big company were so stressful, not because of the work, but the effort in attempting to look 'smart' every day!)

Anyway, just occasionally, it's good to dress up a bit, but this summer there are no excuses to haul a dress out of the wardrobe! No concerts, no festivals, no music or dance events, not even meals out or trips away until MrM and I are happy that the risks of Covid-19 have diminished somewhat. The only 'fashion' choice for this year is which mask to wear when out shopping - one in bright tie dye fabric, or a more-muted William Morris design!

(They're all made by Wendy, whom we usually meet each year at a festival or two. She normally makes the most fabulous handbags, but this year she's turned her hand to masks too.)

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