Removal Day!

Furlough Day 66 19.06.20

And WHAT A DAY it was!!

After a long 7 months (and due to COVID19) and a very stressful two weeks, it was finally The Day!

My lovely removal firm turned up at 8am on the dot and cleared the house and garden.   A second van arrived to take my plants and gardening equipment. 

They were had nearly finished when I received a call from the solicitor at 11am to say my sale was completed!

We were completed on the purchase by 1pm when I was cleaning the old house with the removal van gone off to the new place.

I dropped into the estate agents to leave my house key and then drove up the motorway to pick up my new house key from the agents here.  When I got there they said there was a problem and the previous owners had not left the house yet...but to go on anyway.

So I got to my new house to discover previous owners 'man and van' had failed to collect (and were still in Cheltenham unpacking another move :( ) and previous owners were still inside the house :( 

After conversations with solicitors, the previous owners 'fined' as being in breach of contract and had to pay for delivery and unloading of my goods on a Saturday (and Charlie Girls extra night in the Cattery)...

I had to just sit in the car and wait, BUT it was my house!!!  

It was 4pm by the time their 'man and van' arrived and ended up being 5pm by the time I got into the house but unfortunately my Removal firm who were excellent could not stay or they'd be over there hours!...

Thankful to friend G who drove up from Newbury with bedding etc for the first night and bringing a pizza and prosecco:)  We celebrated, luckily previous owners had left some glasses behind with a bottle of bubbly to be used when I'm ready now!

Here's to the future (and it just shows it's best to use a professional remover) :)

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